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Snow Plowing Request For Proposal

Pioneer Counseling Services, Inc. (PCS) in Evanston, Wyoming is accepting proposals for snow plowing services at our residential locations on a monthly flat rate basis.

Please contact our main office at 350 City View Drive Suite 206 or call (307) 789-7915 for the Request for Proposal.

Careers at Pioneer Counseling Services

Work With Us

Part-Time and Full-Time

Daily Living Assistant

Updated August 17, 2023.


This position is responsible for observing and reporting on adult clients, and guiding individuals in self-reliance, including assistance with cooking, cleaning, activities, and daily living.  This position is not required to bathe or assist in any personal care.


Currently seeking employee for 3 - 11 pm shifts.  Must have driver’s license with no encumbrances.  Please contact Andie at 307-444-7803 for more information.  Apply in person at 949 Center Street or 350 City View Drive, Suite #206. 

Pay is $14/hour.  Full and part-time positions available.  Health and PTO benefits may be available to those who qualify for full-time status.

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